First of all, I have to say that I am very Italian when it comes to coffee. I like short espressos and dark roasted beans. Although I can sometimes recognize a good light roasted bean, I usually do not appreciate it.

After a while living in Nottingham, here is my favourite: Nottingham Coffee House. Located in a hidden alley in the city centre, this place is charming inside and offers a big variety of coffees from around the world. I tasted a few of them and my favourite is from Papua New Guinea. My girlfriend prefers the Peru feminino. Their coffee never disappointed me and they will wisely recommend the best bean for your choice of method.

If you search my blog, you are going to find other posts about other places that I appreciated. Just to mention two of them: Boavista, a portuguese restaurant in Hyson Green, and Dolcino, a italian chain in the city centre.

Also, there are some places that I expected to drink a better coffee and got disappointed. Here they are:

1) All classic chains

Costa, Nero and Starbucks. The last is the better between them, but not good enough to worth a visit.

2) Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant

The coffee is just average, what is not acceptable for a place "proud of being Italian".

3) Wired

Some facebook lists included Wired as one of the best coffees in Nottingham. I gave it a try and do not recommend! Very light roast, very acid coffee.

4) 200 degrees

Local small chain heavily focused on coffee. However, they only offer light and medium roasted coffee. Not impressive.

Finally, there are some interesting options for those who like light roasted coffee (more fruity and acid). My suggestions are Outpost (in the Lace Market) and The Specialty Coffee Shop (at Friar Lane).

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Date: 21 Nov 2015

Author: Leonardo Barichello


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