Recipe for a basic hummus as home-made as possible.

250 gr. of raw chickpeas;
5 teaspoon of tahini (the pure one, not the sauce);
6 sliced cloves of garlic;
A very generous dash of olive oil;
Salt to taste;
Half lime;

Leave the raw chickpeas in water for 2 hours and then bring to boil (in plenty water) for 60 minutes. Move the chickpeas from the pan to a mixer, food processor or blender and save the water.

Add the tahini, garlic, olive oil and salt and blend it all together using the mixer. You will need to add some of the water used to cook the chickpeas to the mixture in order to get the right texture. Add as much as you need without making it too liquid, I usually need about 200 ml.

When you get the right texture, squeeze the lime and mix it with a spoon to incorporate.

The recipe is enough for about 8 people. The taste that comes from the raw chickpeas, instead of the canned ones, makes all the difference!

To decorate, you can save some cooked chickpeas and sprinkle some smoked paprika over it.

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Date: 04 Aug 2015

Author: Leonardo Barichello


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