Nvivo is the proprietary software most widely used by researchers to analyse their qualitative data. The software is very mature and offers a wide range of tools available through clicks. However, it has some problems:

  • It does not run on Linux;
  • It offers no way to extend its features;
  • It does not export to friendly formats.
  • Although most big universities offer free license to their researchers and students, Nvivo is quite expensive if you have to pay for it;
  • Finally, it is not open.

This list of reasons made me develop a software to help me organize and analyse the data I collected during my PhD research. But this post is not about my baby. Instead, I want to talk about BarraQDA - NvivoTools.

This set of tools allows you to export projects built on Nvivo to some more flexible (and open) formats. The options are RQDA (an open add-on to R that enable text coding) and a "standardized SQL format" that is coherent with current schemes for qualitative data and very user-friendly for non-experienced programmers.

Recently, I used the script to convert Nvivo to SQL to help a colleague generate a report ordered by an criteria that was not supported by Nvivo. Once exported, I opened it using SQLite Manager on Firefox and run a query doing what she needed. Lovely!

If you are stuck with Nvivo, you may consider these scripts to get some freedom if you need...

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Date: 20 Mar 2017

Author: Leonardo Barichello


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