I am a big fan of stroopwafel, specially accompanied by a very strong espresso. Try to place the stroopwafel over the cup for a minute after serving the coffee, it gets a little humid and then you eat it. Just brilliant!

I am such a fan of it, that even the commercial ones use to make me happy.
However, the last time I visited Amsterdam, I decided to look for a proper stroopwafel and I did find it! This is the place: http://www.lanskroon.nl/. Yes, their website is only in Dutch and they don't really care about attracting more clients, but I assure you that they worth the visit.

stroopwafel from Lanskroon
credits: http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/lanskroon-banketbakkerij-amsterdam?select=vAVBmDqI9x5rOv1hyvvMNQ

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Date: 20 Apr 2016

Author: Leonardo Barichello


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