Drury: brilliant coffees in the UK

22 May 2016 / Leonardo Barichello

You may have noticed that I love coffee. Since I arrived in the UK, I started to try several different brands and styles of grounded coffee for my espresso machine (one of those non-especial domestic espresso machines). I tried Costa, Nero, Tesco, Sainsbury, Waitrose and M&S. The only one I considered acceptable was Tesco Finest Espresso. The solution was to buy Illy (I prefer the dark roast version), but it is quite expensive and sometimes unavailable in grocery stores (even when you buy online!).

But one day, walking in the Covent Garden region in London, my girlfriend noticed a good-looking coffee and tea store. We gave it a shot and voi la: we found Drury.
drury logo
After I describe my preferences for coffee, the seller recommended the Moka D'or blend. We tried. Several times. We also tried other blends and beans. Some of them are good, but Moka D'or is, by far, my favourite. The taste is amazing: toasted and zero acidity. And it goes perfectly in my espresso machine: fine enough to release the flavour but not too much to get bitter.

I never found a restaurant serving their coffee (only their tea, but I am not a big fan), but it is possible to buy online a big range of coffees for a very reasonable prices. If you don't know, please, give it a try!

The best stroopwafels in Amsterdam

20 Apr 2016 / Leonardo Barichello

I am a big fan of stroopwafel, specially accompanied by a very strong espresso. Try to place the stroopwafel over the cup for a minute after serving the coffee, it gets a little humid and then you eat it. Just brilliant!

I am such a fan of it, that even the commercial ones use to make me happy.
However, the last time I visited Amsterdam, I decided to look for a proper stroopwafel and I did find it! This is the place: http://www.lanskroon.nl/. Yes, their website is only in Dutch and they don't really care about attracting more clients, but I assure you that they worth the visit.

stroopwafel from Lanskroon
credits: http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/lanskroon-banketbakkerij-amsterdam?select=vAVBmDqI9x5rOv1hyvvMNQ

Progress bar for LibreOffice Impress

21 Mar 2016 / Leonardo Barichello

I like progress bars in presentations instead of tiny numbers in the corner of each slide and there is a interesting way to create them in LibreOffice Impress automatically, using macros.

First, go to github.com/dasaki/Impress-Progress-Bar, download the zip and unpack it.

Second, you have to import the macro into LibreOffice. Go to Tools → Macros → Organize Macros → LibreOffice Basic → Organizer → Libraries → Import (long way, I know...). Find the unpacked files and open one of them. Then, the macro will be available for you to use.

Third, use it! When you finish your presentation, go to Tools → Macros → Run macro, find the script called ProgressBar and click Run. It will show a dialog with a few options and when you close it, the macro will create rectangles in your slides showing the progress of your presentation. After that, you can edit them (even delete them) as you wish, but at least the insertion with the correct size if done for you.

begin ... prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 next ... end



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