Changing the font size for all equations in LibreOffice Writer

01 Jul 2016 / Leonardo Barichello

It is annoying to change the font size of equations in a LibreOffice document when you have to do it for a lot of equations because they are not affected by the size of the text. One way of doing this is with the macro below (I got it from

Sub FormulaFontSizeChanger
    f = InputBox("New font size:", "BaseFontHeight", 9)
    o = ThisComponent.getEmbeddedObjects()
    For i = 0 to o.count-1
        if (not IsNull(o(i))) and (not IsNull(o(i).Model)) then
            o(i).Model.BaseFontHeight = f
            o(i).Component.BaseFontHeight = f
    Next i
End Sub

To use it on LibreOffice Writer go to menu Tools → Macro → Organize Macros → LibreOffice Basic. Then, click Organizer and New... Paste the code above and save. Your macro is created. Now, menu Tools → Macro → Run Macro and find it.

Progress bar for LibreOffice Impress

21 Mar 2016 / Leonardo Barichello

I like progress bars in presentations instead of tiny numbers in the corner of each slide and there is a interesting way to create them in LibreOffice Impress automatically, using macros.

First, go to, download the zip and unpack it.

Second, you have to import the macro into LibreOffice. Go to Tools → Macros → Organize Macros → LibreOffice Basic → Organizer → Libraries → Import (long way, I know...). Find the unpacked files and open one of them. Then, the macro will be available for you to use.

Third, use it! When you finish your presentation, go to Tools → Macros → Run macro, find the script called ProgressBar and click Run. It will show a dialog with a few options and when you close it, the macro will create rectangles in your slides showing the progress of your presentation. After that, you can edit them (even delete them) as you wish, but at least the insertion with the correct size if done for you.


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