Nottingham by Ian Gordon

20 Sep 2018 / Leonardo Barichello

Sometime ago I found Ian Gordon on Flickr. I did not manage to find much information about him online, but I really enjoyed his drawing, which he published regularly on Flickr, especially those portraying Nottingham scenes.

Nottingham art, Ian Gordon Craig

Some of his work is available at Dukki, a great Nottingham-themed gift store.

Currently, his drawings are the background of my PC and mobile. Thanks, matte!

great pizza in Nottingham

15 Sep 2018 / Leonardo Barichello

I finally found a pizza that deserves to be publicly recommended: Corner Stone Pizza, at Sherwood

The place is quite peculiar. Small and simple, but the pizza is amazingly well executed! Thin crusty dough with a delicious fluffy border and great combinations for toppings. They only have about 10 options, but all sounded delicious and with a good degree of variation. The price is also very good.


I only went there once and they were not serving drinks, even though they suggested I could buy something near and bring it to drink at the place. It is clearly a independent business with a strong local identity: no need of signs saying "Neapolitan pizza", just a very well crafted product.

Portuguese food (and dessert!) in Nottingham

10 Jul 2017 / Leonardo Barichello

This weekend I discovered Boavista, a portuguese restaurant in Nottingham.

It is a pretty simple place, with a portuguese ambiance (much louder than a British restaurant, with TVs showing portuguese shows, and people talking in portuguese) and very good options. I tried the bacalhau a Gomes Sá, a traditional Portuguese dish with salted cod, potatoes, onion, eggs and lots of olive oil. My girlfriend tried spare ribs. Both dishes were very well done and following the Portuguese style of cooking (no sauce on the ribs, for instance).

But the real climax were the dessert: Portuguese custard tart (I cringe just by using custard to describe the filling of these tarts... it is much more than custard!). It was absolutely delicious.

pastel de nata

And, to crown the visit, a very good espresso. I would not say it is the best coffee in town (as they state in the front show windows), but it is very very good.

Nottingham Doughnut Co.

16 Jan 2017 / Leonardo Barichello

Doughnut, as simple as that.

Although they do not sell the delicious freshly baked doughnut typically found in street festivals, they still do a great job with regular doughnut. And they are not pretentious. Among the options, you can find flavours that could be considered at least questionable, such as Creamy Egg (a chocolate doughnut with a creamy egg hidden in it). However, they really do a great job with the basic and, as a result, the end product are usually very good.

My favourite flavours are Death by Chocolate and Salted Caramel (they have version with and without filling).

It definitively worth a visit! (even though the coffee is not good)

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